Confidence and Doubt

Confidence and Doubt

Confidence and Doubt

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Hey this is Mike Ambassador Bruny for brand inside a brand at your service.  

Today I want to talk about Confidence and doubt and two things you can tell yourself when you are filled with doubt and not so much confidence. 

First one is, “I belong.” 

Second one is, “I don’t know and that’s okay”

Remember, you don’t have to leave your job to leave a mark, but you have to believe in yourself, if only just a little bit; I’m here to help. 

Did you find that helpful?  Do you have specific questions about kicking butt at work that you’d like answered?  Please quit suffering in silence.  Reach out and leave me a voicemail [hit the Send voicemail button on the right] I will get back to you right away with some insights that will rock your work world.

Signing out.

Your Ambassador,

Mike Ambassador Bruny

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I'm Mike Ambassador Bruny. I'm a former employee brand ambassador who also worked on the community management aspect of the Intel program. I'm on a mission to change the world of work and am looking for my next full-time opportunity in employee engagement and / or employee advocacy. Learn more:

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