It’s Not Their Job to Understand You.

It’s Not Their Job to Understand You.

It’s Not Their Job to Understand You.

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Today I want to talk to you about not being understood.

Part of being a brand inside a brand is being able to help move things forward in your company.  You may have a great idea, but if  you can’t get others to see what you are seeing then the game is over.  You are left frustrated and they are left thinking, “what the hell was she talking about?”

A couple of things:

1. It isn’t about you and your genius-ness.  You can have the greatest idea in the world but if you can’t convey it and get others on board, it really doesn’t matter.

Always start your thinking with, what do I need to understand about “them” in order to get them to understand me.  How does my genius idea tie into something the company, my manager or other stakeholders already believe in.  

2. Invite them to play; meaning, pull them into the idea early on with statements like, “This isn’t fully fleshed out yet, but I wanted to bring it to the team and see if you can help me improve it.”

It’s not their job to understand you, it’s your job to be understood. [Tweetable]

Remember, you don’t have to leave your job to leave a mark, but you have to help others understand your point.  Thanks for listening.  Signing out, your ambassador, Mike Ambassador Bruny.

About the author:

I'm Mike Ambassador Bruny. I'm a former employee brand ambassador who also worked on the community management aspect of the Intel program. I'm on a mission to change the world of work and am looking for my next full-time opportunity in employee engagement and / or employee advocacy. Learn more:

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